Dad Out West: Awarded!

I'm thrilled to announce that "Dad Out West" has won the RavensEden award for Best All Male Threesome!

Thank you to my 'family" - "Pops" (Scott Reynolds) , my son (Connor Habib) and Especially to Joe Gage & Ray Dragon



Check Out Dad Out WEST HERE

Just when I thought Dad was though getting mixed up in edgy experiences along come Dad's Dad! 

Only Joe Gage could pull this off :) 

So wrong... but so good.



dad out west

dad out west  

 Connor Allen

 Amazing Cast!

 Rules will be broken...

 Back with my favorite son.. (shhh don't tell the others)

 Allen Silver, Conner Habib, Max Sargent, Colt Rivers, Mike Gaite Mike DeMarko, Christian Mitchell and Scott Reynolds    I loved being with Connor again