Quick and Dirty with Gage & Dragon

on the set of After the Heist

I had the good fortune to be a last minute performer in an upcoming Joe Gae /Ray Dragon production. It was hot , fast and fun. 


Troy Daniels Allen Silver Brad Kalvo Joe Gage



One my latest visit to New York I sent a howdy email to Joe Gage to let him know I was visiting his neck of the woods. I like to let him know I'm around as it's always a pleasure to get the chance to hang out with him.


To my great delight he wrote right back asking if I'd like to come upstate and be a guest star in his latest production. I was gonna be an army guy.


The answer was of course FUCK YES!


This also meant that my beard had to go.

AlShavesGotta follow army regulations. I said goodbye to the beard (for a little while ) See video HERE.


Frankie picked me up at the train station with Jake Deckard in tow. Jake had been helping with the production (behind the cameras) . Getting left alone in the car while Frankie went into a shopping center for supplies meant a hot tongue and spitswapping session in the parking lot with Jake. What a hot fucker he is!


My britches got soaked with pre-cum in the Savemore parking lot deep kissing this stud. (see pic).


 Allen Silver Jake Deckard

We swung by the hotel where I said a quick hello and goodbye to Conner Habib (my "son" in Dad Goes to College). Picked up Brad Kalvo and Troy Daniels (my co-star in Inmates) and headed off to location.


This was the first time I had met Brad. He had beautifully fucked my boyfriend Will Swagger in Head Trip and I had heard only good things about him.


Brad looks you right in the eyes and is so full of play and sexiness I could see why Will was so enthralled.



I love working with Troy. We had run into each other at the Grabbys in Chicago a few weeks ago and he's blast to hang out with. 


Smart and sexy man who is also grounded and kind. A great combination in in a young porn stud.


Brad is beautiful and likes his nipples played with! Hallelujah! My nips are sensitive too, so I knew we would get along fine.


Brad KalvoThe scene involved me arriving from the base to find these guys jacking to internet porn. After getting worked up with that we work on each other. The Cop, the Real Estate Agent and the Army guy. There's lots of mutual cock sucking, I fuck Troy and then we flip. Brad gets his turn on Troys awesome ass. Watching that man pump a man's fuckhole is truly a thing of beauty. 


Troy and I blow our loads on Brad as he fires off on himself. 

It's all over too soon and the next thing I know, I'm back at the train station with a fat check in my wallet.


I can't believe my good fortune!


Oh yeah...


While waiting for the train who should I run into, but Jake Deckard on his way back to the city.

But that's another story.....