"working" with Jesse Ares

Head Trip w Allen Silver and Jesse Ares



What a pleasure to get it on with this friendly, horny heap of sex. Some dudes have "got it". Jesse certainly does...


When asked what age of guys I generally like to fuck with, I do my best to give a generous answer that can include any dudes that are open, willing to connect and just plain nasty.


htrv 018-650x365I have often find that guys in thier 30's fall outside of those parameters. It's an inbetween age for a lot of men. Guys in thier 20's tend to be more exploratory, guys in thier 40's are often on a really interesting point in life where they are really discovering who they are and are open in a whole new way, but the thirtysomethings often are somewhere in between. Still trying to find themselves.


Not so with Jesse Ares. This dude knows what he likes, is living big and fucks with both the passion of a youngster and the consciousness of a guy who is present. It doesn't hurt that he's byuilt like brick shithouse and has the cock of a god. Oh yea, he can fuckin kiss too!


htrv vert 022Thank you Jesus, or in this case Brian Mills :)


Check out the video and get ready to see me get pounded right!