Back to School

Allen Silver and Connor Habib


I am on the set of the next "Dad" movie. This time I'm going back to college.


The cast includes Conner Habib, Girth Brooks, Will Swagger, Alex Andrews and many more.







It's a five day shoot for Joe Gage & Ray Dragon.

A sequel to "Fishing Trip" that goes much further....

(pictured: Alex Andrews, Girth Brooks and yours truly)



I gotta say, this was the nastiest movie I have EVER done. It goes really far into forbidden areas. If intergenerational was sensational in "Fishing Trip" then it gets downright abominational in this one. 


I had to think hard before I signed onto this one (we are entering forbidden territory here) , but I have to admit that I also got totally hard when I read the script. The dick don't lie!


Smart & sexy Connor Habib plays my son.

Allen Silver and Connor Habib

Due out by Christmas.