I got TWO hot scenes in this movie thanks to a last minute cancellation. I love being the speed dial, back up butt-fuck!


First Scene

w Adam Russo:

from Hot Older Male:

There's nothing like meeting a trick for the first time. Wandering the halls of his building, wondering - hoping - he's as hot as his pics. Once hot Adam Russo opens the door and finds Allen Silver naked on the bed, he KNOWS this is going to be a hell of a trick. Both men, get each other rock hard and suck each other's cocks and chew on each other's holes, before they both take turns fucking each other's sweet asses. This is the kind of trick we all wish we could have.


My Take:

I've been buds with Adam for  a while. I respect and adore this very hot man. Plus we always have phenomenal sex

Second Scene

w Ale Tedesco:

from Hot Older Male:

Allen Silver set his sights on hot Ale Tedesco. This sexy silver daddy watched and waited until finally Allen struck and fucked Ale hard and long until he couldn't take it anymore.



My Take:


I've been chatting with Ale for a long time online. There was always a high mutual attraction. I was very happy I could line up this scene with him and my old friends at Pantheon. His ass is a phenomenal pleasure center!. And he is  a total pig.!


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