Our time together might be focused on exploring an edgy or frightening erotic area for you...

or possibly...

We can play together in sexual abandon. Exploring each other for the first time as if it’s all new.

We can try out a modality that you’ve always wanted to try. I am an expert in spanking, flogging as well as skills in bondage.


Share a space with me where you finally get to explore what all the fuss is about around anal sex.

One of the rules of my kingdom is that you get to like what you like…


But how do you know if you don’t try?


Come explore with me.



Erotic Play/SI: $275 (first Hour) $140 (each add'tl hour)



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Meet Me in Your Town

I am currently: unavailable


August 10 - 16: na

August 17 - 21: San Francisco

August 22 - 27: na

August 28: San Francisco

August 29 - Sept. 1: na

Sept. 2 - 3: San Francisco

September 4 - 7: na

September 8 - 23: NYC

September 24 - 26: San Francisco

September 29 - 30: Austin TX

October 1 - 4: Houston

October 5 - 9: na

October 9 - 16: San Francisco

October 17 - 22: Chicago

October 25 - ... : San Francisco

November 19 - 26: NYC

December 5 - 11: Washington DC


About Me

Allen SilverA native Texan transplanted to Cali. I am an escort and sacred intimate based in San Francisco with regular visits to many cities. I love being sexual with men of varying ages and experience levels. I am a certified massage therapist with over 12 years experience. I have successfully helped men open up and enjoy sex who had given up hope. I never met a butthole I didn’t like. See my reviews on Daddy’s Reviews as well as MassageM4M.

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