Is your mind playing tricks on you? Aching for a release, you wish for something sensual to take you away from your day. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, there he is: handsome, hard and ready. Is he real, or is this a Head Trip so vivid that it doesn't even matter? TitanMen exclusives David Anthony and Jessy Ares hold the key as they and their friends surrender to their deepest desires.

Drifting to sleep, jock Jessy Ares has his dream come to life in the form of daddy Allen Silver -- who exchanges an enthusiastic suck before bending over with a smile.

Businessman Brad Kalvo needs an escape from his hectic day. His wish is granted when smooth stud Will Swagger appears, offering his holes for relief.

Enveloped in the dark, smooth and chiseled David Anthony wraps his arms around tattooed Johnny Hazzard, whose cock throbs harder with every thrust.