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inmatesCvr2180I am thrilled to announce that Titan has just released "Inmates" .

Hot Damn!


Preview "Inmates" Here.

BTW: I m the oldest performer to work for Titan. Woo Hoo!

Preview "Inmates" Here.

DSC02010This summer I was lucky not only to work with Joe Gage on a "Dad" sequel, a couple of weeks later I was in the Titan studios after 3 years doing a new movie for Titan and for Joe.

I am the warden of a young men's correctional facility.

I had a blast on the set of this one.   Troy Daniels is total stud and amazing bottom.

It was a thrill to discover that I am the oldest performer to be used by possibly the biggest name in gay porn.

I am grateful as hell to have been a part of it and at 50 years old I have also to say, I have never looked better.

This movie is gonna really be great. Check out the preview and see what you think.

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