massageI am a certified massage therapist (CMT) since 2004. I especially enjoy helping men relax and sink into  their  bodies through conscious experienced touch.
I trained with the great Chester Mainard before his untimely death. In the last 12 years I have helped many men relax, overcome soreness and injury as well as learn to get in touch with, and open their assholes through touch.
90 minute Massage: $200




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I am currently  in: San Francisco 

June 6: San Francisco
June 7 - 10: na
June 12 - July 8: San Francisco
July 9 - 16: na
July 17 - 23: Eros Spirit Camp (Easton Mountain)
July 24 - 25: Albany
July 27 - Sept. 6: San Francisco
Sept. 7 - 10: Philadelphia
Sept. 11 - 17: New York City
Sept. 19 - Oct. 11: San Francisco
Oct. 12 - 15: Chicago



About Me

Allen SilverA native Texan transplanted to Cali. I am an escort and sacred intimate based in San Francisco with regular visits to many cities. I love being sexual with men of varying ages and experience levels. I am a certified massage therapist with over 12 years experience. I have successfully helped men open up and enjoy sex who had given up hope. I never met a butthole I didn’t like. See my reviews on Daddy’s Reviews as well as MassageM4M.

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